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6 Women Behind The Beards

November 04, 2014

Bearded ladies have been a popular sideshow attraction for many years. Join us as we visit 6 of the most notable bearded ladies which inspired Kathy Bates' character on American Horror Story Freak Show.


How to Grow a Beard for the First Time

October 26, 2014

GQ recently published an article on growing a beard for the first time. Is it good? Does a walrus mustache blow in the wind? Well, I guess it depends on how course your facial hair is. Anyway, it seems pretty accurate. I mean, do you really need instructions on how to not shave for a month? OK, well here are the highlights:


Facial Hair Ideas for your Halloween Costume

October 25, 2014

Ah Halloween. That wonderful time of year when females try to out do each other by seeing who can wear the least amount of clothing and still be socially acceptable. For men, there's only one thing that matters; facial hair. If you want to be a hit at the Halloween block party you need to sport some facial duds to get the ladies to notice you (e.g. the "Naughty Nurse" or her friend, "Jailbait Tinkerbell"). So sit back, relax, and take some notes as we touch on a few of the possibilities.


Top 10 Beards of Greek Mythology

October 21, 2014

Not to be confused with the planet, Uranus was the god of the sky. He held this title until, you know, he got his balls cut off and thrown into the sea by his son Cronus (depicted in the painting above). Nice beard, bad situation.


Video: Hugh Jackman Shaves Off his Beard

September 03, 2014

Here's a video of Hugh Jackman taking the ultimate ALS ice bucket challenge and shaving off his beard. It's unclear whether the beard, which was grown for his role as pirate Blackbeard in the upcoming Pan film, was shaved off as a sign of protest, charity, or manly impulse. You be the judge.


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