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Beardilizer Helps Hard Gainers Grow Thicker Beards

May 07, 2014

OK listen up all you patchy beard growing hard gainers. A new product has hit the market that supposedly promotes beard growth and fullness. It's a 'specially formulated' multivitamin called Beardilizer that you take one to three times a day.


First Annual Portland Facial Hair Fest to be held in March

February 03, 2014

Portland, Maine will play host to their first annual Facial Hair Fest from March 26-30 at the Ocean Gateway. The festival will include the seventh annual "Stach Pag", mustache pageant. I thought that said "Stach Pig" when I first read it and thought "genius! a pig with a mustache", but sadly no.


Man Robs Walmart at Gunpoint with Fake Beard

January 28, 2014

OK my bearded brethren; if this doesn’t shave you against the grain then I don’t know what will. It turns out that a man in Bethlehem PA recently robbed a Walmart using a fake beard to conceal his face and neck.


Facial Hair Gaining Traction Throughout America

November 30, 2013

A recent article by Voice of America reveals that beards and mustaches are becoming trendier by the minute here in the U.S. Barber Daniel Winter, a ten year beard wearer, says:


How to Color Your Mustache or Beard

September 09, 2011

For the experienced and well traveled man the mustache and beard will most often lose some of it’s original sheen and luster when it comes to color. While it’s sometimes fashionable to sport the au naturelle color, many prefer to keep the gray at bay. This article covers the different types of coloring products and illustrates how to apply them for best results.


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