Mustaches & Beards

How to Trim Your Mustache

September 07, 2011

A mustache makes a difference! Mustaches are a great way to define your look, however they are going to need a trimming every once in a while or that look of definition will quickly look, well, messy and unkempt.

What You’ll Need

Step 1: The Moistening

First things first; splash some water on your mustache to get it a little moist. You don’t want to wet it so much that it’s completely damp and dripping with water, just enough so that the piece is wet to the touch. If you have a thick mustache be sure to not only moisten the top layers of hair, but also the layers underneath.

Step 2: The Brushing

Once moistened, give your mustache a quick brushing in natural direction of growth so that the hairs are generally all going in the same direction and any knots or tufts have been straightened out. Assuming that your mustache hair doesn’t grow up towards your nostrils the brushing direction will most likely be down toward your lip or slightly off to each side.

Step 3: The Trimming

Here comes the point of no return; the trimming. To start, carefully run your grooming scissors along the top of your upper lip to clear away any stray hairs that are dangling over. It’s good advice to trim a little at first and then check if more is needed. This saves your stache from catastrophic over trimming which could take a while to grow back and even prompt a dreaded ‘shave & regrow’!

Once your upper lip is well defined move on to trimming the outline, or footprint, of the mustache. As mentioned above, conservative trimming is your friend. If this is the first time shaping your mustache you’ll need to decide on a style you want and that your growth patterns can support. ** See a list of different styles here**. Once you know what style you’re going for here’s where the electric beard trimmer comes in handy. Use the trimmer to define your mustache style by removing all unwanted hairs around the mustache. This could also include some hairs below the nose but above the top line of the mustache if needed. Every macho man’s mustache is different so you’ll have to use your judgment on the more detailed trimming, depending on the style you’re going for.

Lastly comes trimming the body, or fullness, of the mustache. I’ve seen lots of trimming methods that say to use the scissors to trim the body but it’s very hard to get a uniform length this way unless you’re willing to spend a lot of time on it. The easiest way to get the hairs clean and uniform is to use the electric beard trimmer. Set the trimmer height to the desired length and run it over the mustache in a few directions to really get all those hairs.

Step 4: Clean Up & Show Off

Once trimmed up give your mustache a final brushing with the natural direction of growth. Give the rest of your face a nice clean shave and step outside to show the world your freshly groomed mustache. Don’t be afraid to accept compliments from strangers, you’ve deserved them.