Mustaches & Beards

Facial Hair Gaining Traction Throughout America

November 30, 2013

A recent article by Voice of America reveals that beards and mustaches are becoming trendier by the minute here in the U.S. Barber Daniel Winter, a ten year beard wearer, says:

Bigger corporations, like huge companies, that are geared more towards fashion are now hiring models with beards and tattoos, going for a bit of a more alternative look. And it's really starting to spill over into the general public

The article mentions a group called the L.A. Facial Hair Society that was started by two men and two women with the goal of unifying California's bearded and mustached community.

L.A. Facial Hair Society group member Robert Campos discovers that not only is wearing a beard fun, it's a promotional tool as well:

All of a sudden your Facebook friend number jumps to the thousands after meeting all these people.