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Beardilizer Helps Hard Gainers Grow Thicker Beards

May 07, 2014

OK listen up all you patchy beard growing hard gainers. A new product has hit the market that supposedly promotes beard growth and fullness. It's a 'specially formulated' multivitamin called Beardilizer that you take one to three times a day.


You can't fight genetics, and Beardilizer is not like a magic wand you can wave and grow a beard overnight. But after four weeks of taking it you will definitely start to see results, and after two or three months you will be very happy indeed.

-Laurent Cohen, Owner

It's main active ingredients are vitamin C, biotin, methylsulfonylmethane, and vitamin a. According to the manufacturer results can be seen in one to six months.

Amazon's got some mixed reviews. If you give it a try please do leave a comment with your experience for the rest of the beard growing population.

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