Mustaches & Beards

Facial Hair Ideas for your Halloween Costume

October 25, 2014

Ah Halloween. That wonderful time of year when females try to out do each other by seeing who can wear the least amount of clothing and still be socially acceptable. For men, there's only one thing that matters; facial hair. If you want to be a hit at the Halloween block party you need to sport some facial duds to get the ladies to notice you (e.g. the "Naughty Nurse" or her friend, "Jailbait Tinkerbell"). So sit back, relax, and take some notes as we touch on a few of the possibilities.

Religious Beards

Brigham Young & Muhammad

A crowd favorite every Halloween is the religious beard or mustache. You can always pick the Jesus beard or the Moses one but why not be more innovative? How many people have rocked the Brigham Young Beard or the prophet Muhammad motif? Be original and think outside of the box.

Political Facial Hair

Political facial hair is always a hit for Halloween. You could grow some dope sideburns like former U.S. Senator Ambrose E. Burnside of the Union Army or bust out the infamous Abraham Lincoln Chin Curtain. You could even throw in Wyatt Earp for good measure because he had a badass mustache that can't be overlooked. He was a Town Marshall too - that's "political" right?

The Classics

Classic Facial Hair

These are the ones that people love - the classics. The the Hulk-Hogan Trucker mustache and the infamous "Perv-Stache" always wows the ladies and never fails to disappoint. But if you really want to be the center of attention, you have to go with the Jersey Shore super thin jaw-line facial hair.

You can't go wrong here.

It can be done with just the jaw-line or you could let it creep up to the mustache area. It's the ultimate status symbol and, depending on your growth habits, can be grown in a few days.

Whatever type of mustache, beard, or facial hair you decide to sport this Halloween, do it with class and pre-plan. Everyone is doing the Duck Dynasty guys so think differently and be memorable. You never know what could happen if you show up with amazing facial hair.